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Neural Noise Machine
Neural Noise Machine
Neural Noise Machine
Neural Noise Machine
Neural Noise Machine
Neural Noise Machine
Neural Noise Machine
Neural Noise Machine
Neural Noise Machine
"This was one of the best purchases I have made in a while. The combination of noise and light do a great job of helping me sleep."

Jessie B. - Neural Noise Customer
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Finally, Peaceful Sleep


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Finally, Peaceful Sleep

Reason why you need a tent
Finally, Peaceful Sleep
Set the scene for drifting off into dreamland with the help of the Neural Noise Machine. Sleep helps the body repair, regenerate, and recover. The immune system is no exception to this relationship. Some research shows how better sleep quality can help the body fight off infection. The Neural Noise Machine will improve the quality of your sleep, and the quality of your life.
Natural Sleep Solution 
No pills, no side effects, enjoy a night of deep sleep.

The steady sound helps you to sleep faster and stay asleep longer. Effectively blocks outside noise from your loud neighbors, street sounds and barking dogs.
Helps Babies Fall Asleep Fast 
The sleep sound machine creates a constant, soothing sound to cover up background noises which helps lull your baby to sleep. Perfect for sleep training in your infant sleep routine and create the optimal sleep environment for your baby or toddler.

Easy Set-Up

No two functions are sharing the same button; it is a breeze to set up and change settings or volume even in darkness. Auto-off timer (30, 60 or 90min) gives you the option of powering off this white noise machine for a quiet night’s sleep, and it memorizes the last sound and volume when restarted.

Noise Reducing

24 high-fidelity sounds (7 white noises, 7 fan sounds and 10 nature sounds) let you choose the ideal background to mask intruding noises and create the perfect environment for work, study, sleep or an upset baby.

Customizable Lighting

An adjustable, soft LED luminous lamp provides sufficient, but not too harsh, light for your bedroom at midnight. There are also 7 color light offerings - steady or breathing rhythm - to suit your personal preferences at any time.

Neural Noise helps you fall asleep in 10 minutes


Perfect For Travel

The built-in battery gets charged automatically while plugged in. When fully charged, it will support the sleep sound machine to work for more than 20 hours, making it perfect for travel or any place in your home even when there’s no outlet nearby.


Safety Guranteed

Certified with CE, FCC and RoHS, this sleeping therapeutic instrument is built with nontoxic, fireproof and odorless materials to ensure safe day-to-day use for your newborns, toddlers and children of all ages.


Masks Disruptions

 Gently blocks disruptive sounds, give the best sleep environment. Now you can sleep faster by blocking out environmental distractions.


So Many Sounds

There are tons of sounds to test and find what works the best to put you to sleep, and keep you asleep.

Neuro Noise helps more than 10,000 users fall asleep 

Dodow helps more than 500,000 users fall asleep

Diana M.

Amazing. If you live in a row of flats and have those noisy neighbors or just need some background noise and don’t want to run the fan all winter, GET THIS! Not only does it have tons of customizable options, the light is great for that getting into bed time where you don’t want to walk in the dark after flipping the switches off. It has a wide range for volume, which is great for those who have a partner that watches tv in bed. It smooths out background noise without masking the tv sounds. It is great to just add a little masking noise to the outside world while you fall asleep! And the sleep timer makes it practical! So far, I have used it with BOTH a 110v and a 220v plug without frying it or having issues!

Erica C.

I have 2 small children and have been through a few noise machines over the past few years. Recently my husband started working nights and we needed another one to help him sleep through our very noisy little ones. I was going to reorder the last one I purchased but was disappointed on how bright the night light was. This noise machine night light is perfect. Not too bright or too dim. You can adjust the noise to super loud (it can get loud) or barely making any kind of noise. There are a lot of noises to chose from! And it doesn’t seem to “loop” like a lot do. We’ve also used this in our travel trailer with our kids and it put them right to sleep!

Casey W.

I live in an apartment building with somewhat thin walls, so when I'm trying to sleep at night I can hear EVERYTHING from my neighbors: Talking, snoring, TVs blaring at 3 am, etc. I also have sleep problems in general. This little white noise machine has saved my sleep in a way I cannot explain. I could not be happier with it! I love all the noises it makes too. They're so relaxing! My favorites are the fan noises. It also can double as a night light, which is totally awesome. I love the color selection. This thing is awesome and I highly suggest getting it if you have any sleep issues related to sensitivity to noise.

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